Phrases You Use on route in Dutch

Phrases You Use (on route) with sound

Learning phrases you can use while traveling in Dutch can be very helpful if you are planning to visit a Dutch-speaking country, such as the Netherlands or Belgium. Here are a few reasons why learning these phrases can be useful:

  1. Communication: Knowing common phrases in Dutch can help you communicate with locals and ask for directions, order food, or buy tickets, making your trip much more enjoyable and stress-free.
  2. Cultural experience: Learning phrases in Dutch can also help you immerse yourself in the local culture and gain a better understanding of the people and their customs.
Dutch Phrases English Translation
Goedemorgen Good morning
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Hallo Hello
Ik spreek geen Nederlands I don’t speak Dutch
Spreekt u Engels? Do you speak English?
Ja Yes
Nee No
Alstublieft Please (used when asking for something)
Dank je wel Thank you
Graag gedaan You’re welcome
Sorry Sorry
Waar is…? Where is…?
Hoe kom ik bij…? How do I get to…?
Mag ik de rekening alstublieft? Can I have the bill, please?
Ik wil graag bestellen I would like to order
Hoeveel kost dat? How much does that cost?
Kan ik hier pinnen? Can I pay by card here?
Ik ben verdwaald I’m lost
Help! Help!
Is het ver nog? Is it far?
Ik heb een probleem I have a problem

I hope you find these phrases useful for your travels in the Netherlands or other Dutch-speaking countries!