phrases about numbers in Swedish

Вивчайте шведську

Learning phrases about numbers in Swedish is essential for various reasons:

  1. Basic Communication: Numbers are a fundamental part of everyday communication. By learning numbers in Swedish, you can express quantities, prices, ages, phone numbers, addresses, and other numerical information accurately.
  2. Practical Situations: Knowing numbers in Swedish enables you to handle practical situations effectively. Whether you’re shopping, ordering food, making reservations, or discussing time and dates, being able to understand and use numbers is crucial.
English Swedish
Zero Noll
One Ett
Two Två
Three Tre
Four Fyra
Five Fem
Six Sex
Seven Sju
Eight Åtta
Nine Nio
Ten Tio
Eleven Elva
Twelve Tolv
Twenty Tjugo
Thirty Trettio
Forty Fyrtio
Fifty Femtio
Hundred Hundratals
Thousand Tusen
Million Miljon

These phrases will help you understand and express numbers in Swedish, from counting to discussing quantities. Practice them to improve your Swedish language skills and confidently handle numerical information in various contexts.