Commands Phrases in French

Commands Phrases (Imperative 1)

Learning command phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Practical Communication: Command phrases allow you to give clear and direct instructions or orders to others. Whether you’re traveling, working, or interacting with French speakers in various contexts, knowing how to express commands can help you communicate effectively and efficiently.
  2. Politeness and Respect: Understanding command phrases in French enables you to navigate different social situations and express politeness and respect
English French
Open the door. Ouvre la porte.
Speak louder. [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Parle plus fort.
Don’t touch that. Ne touche pas ça.
Wait here. Attends ici.
Take a seat. Prends place.
Turn off the lights. Éteins les lumières.
Listen carefully. Écoute attentivement.
Don’t be late. Ne sois pas en retard.
Repeat after me. Répète après moi.
Give me your attention. Accorde-moi ton attention.
Stay quiet. Reste tranquille.
Do your homework. Fais tes devoirs.
Be careful. Sois prudent(e).
Close the window. Ferme la fenêtre.
Don’t forget your keys. N’oublie pas tes clés.
Pay attention to the details. Fais attention aux détails.
Stand up. Lève-toi.
Don’t speak during the movie. Ne parle pas pendant le film.
Clean your room. Nettoie ta chambre.
Be polite. Sois poli(e).
Turn on the computer. Allume l’ordinateur.