beverages phrases in French

Learn phrases (Beverages) with audio

Learning beverage phrases in French can be useful for various reasons:

  1. Ordering at cafés and restaurants: When you visit French-speaking countries or dine at French restaurants, knowing beverage phrases enables you to confidently order your preferred drinks. Whether it’s coffee, tea, water, wine, or any other beverage, being able to communicate your choices accurately enhances your dining experience.
  2. Social interactions: Beverages often play a role in social gatherings and conversations. Knowing beverage phrases allows you to offer drinks to others, accept or decline offers, and engage in conversations about different beverages. It helps you participate more fully in social settings and connect with French-speaking friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.
English French
Water Eau
Coffee Café
Tea Thé
Milk Lait
Juice Jus
Soft drink Boisson gazeuse
Wine Vin
Beer Bière
Cocktail Cocktail
Champagne Champagne
Hot chocolate Chocolat chaud
Soda Soda
Herbal tea Tisane
Orange juice Jus d’orange
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Iced tea Thé glacé
Mineral water Eau minérale
Lemonade Limonade
Espresso Espresso
Sparkling water Eau pétillante