phrases talking about jobs in French

Phrases (Jobs) with audio

Learning phrases related to jobs and professions in French is valuable for several reasons:

  1. Professional Communication: Knowing job-related phrases in French allows you to communicate effectively in professional settings. Whether you’re applying for a job, discussing work-related topics with colleagues, or participating in meetings or interviews, understanding job-related vocabulary is crucial for clear and efficient communication.
  2. Job Market and Opportunities: Learning phrases about jobs in French expands your knowledge of the French job market and opens up opportunities for employment or career advancement in French-speaking countries. It helps you understand job descriptions, requirements, and qualifications, enabling you to pursue relevant positions or explore new career paths.
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Quel est votre métier ? What is your profession?
[responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Je suis avocat/avocate. I am a lawyer.
Elle est médecin. She is a doctor.
Il est ingénieur. He is an engineer.
Je travaille dans l’informatique. I work in IT.
Je suis étudiant/étudiante en médecine. I am a medical student.
Je recherche un emploi. I am looking for a job.
Je suis à la recherche d’un stage. I am looking for an internship.
Je suis chef de projet. I am a project manager.
Mon métier consiste à enseigner. My job involves teaching.
Je suis dans le domaine de la finance. I am in the finance field.
Elle est infirmière. She is a nurse.
Il est architecte. He is an architect.
Je travaille à temps plein. I work full-time.
Je suis indépendant/indépendante. I am self-employed.
Je suis en congé de maternité. I am on maternity leave.
Je suis à la retraite. I am retired.
J’ai été promu/promue. I have been promoted.
Je suis en formation professionnelle. I am undergoing professional training.
Je suis en période d’essai. I am on a trial period.
Mon travail est très gratifiant. My job is very rewarding.