Phrases you use when doing tasks in Romanian

Вивчайте шведську

Learning phrases used when doing tasks in Romanian can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Practical Communication: Knowing task-related phrases in Romanian enables you to effectively communicate with Romanian-speaking individuals while performing various tasks. This can be particularly helpful if you’re traveling or living in Romania, where locals may not be fluent in English.
  2. Cultural Understanding: Learning task-related phrases in Romanian allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Romanian culture. Language is closely tied to culture, and by familiarizing yourself with common phrases used during tasks, you can better comprehend the values, traditions, and customs associated with those activities.
  1. Salut! – Hello!
  2. Mulțumesc – Thank you.
  3. Te rog – Please.
  4. Unde este…? – Where is…?
  5. Poți să mă ajuți? – Can you help me?
  6. Ce trebuie să fac? – What do I need to do?
  7. Cum se face asta? – How is this done?
  8. Cât timp durează? – How long does it take?
  9. Ai un sfat pentru mine? – Do you have any advice for me?
  10. Am nevoie de ajutor – I need help.
  11. Ce materiale am nevoie? – What materials do I need?
  12. Pot să încep acum? – Can I start now?
  13. Vreau să învăț cum se face asta – I want to learn how to do this.
  14. Am terminat – I’m finished.
  15. Nu știu cum să fac asta – I don’t know how to do this.
  16. Mă poți îndruma, te rog? – Can you guide me, please?
  17. Care este următorul pas? – What is the next step?
  18. Trebuie să fac asta înainte de…? – Do I need to do this before…?
  19. Să începem – Let’s start.
  20. Am reușit! – I did it!

These phrases should help you engage in conversations and seek assistance while performing various tasks in Romanian.