body parts phrases in Danish with audio

Learn Danish - Phrases (body parts)


I am drawing a man.
J– t—– e- m—.
First the head.
[responsivevoice voice="Danish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Jeg tegner en mand.
The man is wearing a hat.
F—- h——.
One cannot see the hair.
Først hovedet.
One cannot see the ears either.
M—– h– h– p-.
One cannot see his back either.
Manden har hat på.
I am drawing the eyes and the mouth.
H—- k– m– i— s-.
The man is dancing and laughing.
Håret kan man ikke se.
The man has a long nose.
Ø—- k– m– h—– i— s-.
He is carrying a cane in his hands.
Ørene kan man heller ikke se.
He is also wearing a scarf around his neck.
R—– k– m– h—– i— s-.
It is winter and it is cold.
Ryggen kan man heller ikke se.
The arms are athletic.
J– t—– ø—– o- m—–.
The legs are also athletic.
Jeg tegner øjnene og munden.
The man is made of snow.
M—– d—– o- l–.
He is neither wearing pants nor a coat.
Manden danser og ler.
But the man is not freezing.
M—– h– e- l— n—.
He is a snowman.
Manden har en lang næse.
H– h– e- s— i h——-.
Han har en stok i hænderne.