Possessive Adjectives in Danish with audio

phrases (Possessive Adjectives1)

Learning possessive adjectives in Danish is important because they are essential for indicating possession or ownership of a particular noun. Possessive adjectives in Danish agree in gender and number with the noun they are modifying, and they are used to clarify who owns or possesses something in a sentence.

Danish English
Min bil My car
Din bog Your book
Hans hus His house
Hendes hund Her dog
Vores have Our garden
Jeres kat Your cat (plural or formal)
Deres børn Their children
Mit bord My table
Din stol Your chair
Hans computer His computer
Hendes taske Her bag
Vores sofa Our sofa
Jeres hjem Your home (plural or formal)
Deres billetter Their tickets
Min datter My daughter
Din søn Your son
Hans kæreste His girlfriend
Hendes far Her father
Vores venner Our friends
Jeres arbejde Your work (plural or formal)