shopping phrases in Danish

Learn Danish - Phrases (Shopping) with audio

Learning shopping phrases in Danish can be useful for a few reasons:

  1. Traveling: If you’re planning to travel to Denmark, knowing shopping phrases can be helpful for navigating stores, markets, and malls. You’ll be able to ask for directions, prices, and sizes, and communicate with sales associates or fellow shoppers.
  2. Business: If you’re doing business with Danish companies or clients, knowing shopping phrases can help you negotiate prices, ask about inventory, and make transactions. You’ll also be able to show respect and cultural sensitivity by using local phrases and greetings
I want to buy a present.
But nothing too expensive.
Maybe a handbag?
Which color would you like?
Black, brown or white?
A large one or a small one?
May I see this one, please?
Is it made of leather?
Or is it made of plastic?
Of leather, of course.
This is very good quality.
And the bag is really very reasonable.
I like it.
I’ll take it.
Can I exchange it if needed?
Of course.
We’ll gift wrap it.
The cashier is over there.