Car breakdown Phrases in Danish

Phrases (Car breakdown)

Learning car breakdown phrases in Danish can be useful for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Safety: If you are driving in Denmark and your car breaks down, knowing how to communicate in Danish about the problem can help you stay safe. You may need to explain your situation to emergency responders or to other drivers who offer assistance.
  2. Convenience: If your car breaks down while traveling in Denmark, knowing how to explain the problem in Danish can make it easier to find a repair shop or rental car service nearby. This can save you time and help you get back on the road more quickly.
English Danish
My car has broken down Min bil er gået i stykker
I have a flat tire Jeg har en punktering
The engine won’t start Motoren vil ikke starte
The battery is dead Batteriet er fladt
The car won’t shift gears Bilen vil ikke skifte gear
The brakes aren’t working Bremserne virker ikke
The car is overheating Bilen overopheder
There’s a strange noise coming from the engine Der kommer en mærkelig lyd fra motoren
I need a tow truck Jeg har brug for en bugsering
Can you recommend a good mechanic? Kan du anbefale en god mekaniker?
How much will the repair cost? Hvor meget vil reparationen koste?
Is there a nearby repair shop? Er der en nærliggende værksted?
Can you help me change a tire? Kan du hjælpe mig med at skifte et dæk?
Do you have a spare tire? Har du et reservehjul?
I need to replace the battery Jeg skal have skiftet batteriet
Is there a gas station nearby? Er der en tankstation i nærheden?
The car is out of gas Bilen har løbet tør for benzin
I have an emergency Jeg har en nødsituation
Can you call for assistance? Kan du ringe efter hjælp?
Thank you for your help Tak for din hjælp