Around the house phrases in Danish

Learn Danish phrases (Around the house)

Learning around the house phrases in Danish can be helpful for a number of reasons:

  1. Communication: If you live or stay with Danish speakers, or if you work in a Danish-speaking environment, knowing how to communicate about the objects and activities around the house can be crucial for effective communication.
  2. Daily life: Knowing how to talk about objects and activities around the house can help you navigate daily life in a Danish-speaking environment. It can also help you with practical tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
Our house is here.
The roof is on top.
The basement is below.
There is a garden behind the house.
There is no street in front of the house.
There are trees next to the house.
My apartment is here.
The kitchen and bathroom are here.
The living room and bedroom are there.
The front door is closed.
But the windows are open.
It is hot today.
We are going to the living room.
There is a sofa and an armchair there.
Please, sit down!
My computer is there.
My stereo is there.
The TV set is brand new.