sport phrases in Danish

Learn Danish - Phrases (Sports) with audio

Learning sport phrases in Danish can have a number of benefits, depending on your interests and goals. Here are a few potential reasons:

  1. If you’re a sports fan and plan to watch or attend games in Denmark, knowing the relevant phrases can enhance your experience and help you follow the action more closely. You’ll be able to understand commentary, converse with other fans, and cheer on your favorite team or athlete more effectively.
  2. If you’re an athlete yourself and plan to compete or train in Denmark, knowing sport phrases can help you communicate with coaches, teammates, and competitors. You’ll be able to understand instructions, ask questions, and discuss strategies more easily.
Do you exercise?
Yes, I need some exercise.
I am a member of a sports club.
We play football / soccer (am.).
We swim sometimes.
Or we cycle.
There is a football / soccer (am.) stadium in our city.
There is also a swimming pool with a sauna.
And there is a golf course.
What is on TV?
There is a football / soccer (am.) match on now.
The German team is playing against the English one.
Who is winning?
I have no idea.
It is currently a tie.
The referee is from Belgium.
Now there is a penalty.
Goal! One – zero!