zoo phrases in Danish

Learn Phrases you use (At the zoo)

There are several potential reasons why someone might want to learn zoo phrases in Danish:

  1. Personal interest: If you have an interest in animals or zoos, learning zoo-related vocabulary and phrases in Danish can be a fun and engaging way to explore the language and culture.
  2. Travel: If you are planning to travel to Denmark and visit a zoo, learning Danish zoo phrases can be helpful for communicating with staff and understanding signs and exhibits.
The zoo is there.
The giraffes are there.
Where are the bears?
Where are the elephants?
Where are the snakes?
Where are the lions?
I have a camera.
I also have a video camera.
Where can I find a battery?
Where are the penguins?
Where are the kangaroos?
Where are the rhinos?
Where is the toilet / restroom (am.)?
There is a café over there.
There is a restaurant over there.
Where are the camels?
Where are the gorillas and the zebras?
Where are the tigers and the crocodiles?