Negation phrases in Danish

phrases (Negation 1) with audio

Learning negation phrases in Danish is important for effective communication in the language. Negation is the process of negating or denying a statement, which is an essential part of expressing oneself in any language. In Danish, negation phrases are used to indicate the absence or negation of a particular action, state, or quality.

By learning  phrases in Danish, you will be able to express negative statements accurately and appropriately in various situations. For example, you can use negation phrases to say “I don’t like it” or “I haven’t seen it” in Danish.

Here are 20 phrases in Danish:

  1. Ikke (not)
  2. Aldrig (never)
  3. Ingen (none)
  4. Intet (nothing)
  5. Ikke noget (not anything)
  6. Ikke nogen (not anyone)
  7. Ikke længere (no longer)
  8. Ikke mere (no more)
  9. Ikke endnu (not yet)
  10. Ikke så meget (not so much)
  11. Slet ikke (not at all)
  12. Overhovedet ikke (not at all)
  13. Ikke engang (not even)
  14. Ikke rigtig (not really)
  15. Ikke sandt? (isn’t that true?)
  16. Ikke sandt! (isn’t that so!)
  17. Ikke nødvendigvis (not necessarily)
  18. Ikke muligt (not possible)
  19. Ikke tilladt (not allowed)
  20. Ikke acceptabelt (not acceptable)