Possessive Adjectives phrases in Danish

Learn Danish - phrases (Possessive Adjectives 2)

By learning possessive adjectives in Danish, you will be able to express possession or ownership more accurately in your writing and speech. It will also help you to understand and interpret sentences more effectively when reading or listening to Danish.

Additionally, mastering possessive adjectives is an essential step in the process of learning any language. It will give you a strong foundation for building more complex sentences and will help you to communicate more effectively with Danish speakers.

  1. Min bil (My car)
  2. Din hund (Your dog)
  3. Hans kat (His cat)
  4. Hendes bog (Her book)
  5. Vores hus (Our house)
  6. Jeres cykel (Your bike – plural)
  7. Deres børn (Their children – plural)
  8. Mit værelse (My room)
  9. Dit skrivebord (Your desk)
  10. Hans jakke (His jacket)
  11. Hendes sko (Her shoes)
  12. Vores hund (Our dog)
  13. Jeres bil (Your car – plural)
  14. Deres lejlighed (Their apartment)
  15. Mit arbejde (My job)
  16. Dit pas (Your passport)
  17. Hans cykel (His bike)
  18. Hendes taske (Her bag)
  19. Vores børn (Our children – plural)
  20. Jeres hus (Your house – plural)