airport phrases in Danish

Phrases you use (At the airport)

Learning airport phrases in Danish can be beneficial for several reasons, especially if you plan to travel to Denmark or interact with Danish-speaking airport personnel. Here are a few reasons why learning airport phrases in Danish could be helpful:

  1. Convenience: If you know basic Danish airport phrases, you can communicate more effectively with airport personnel, which can make your journey more convenient and less stressful.
  2. Safety: Knowing how to communicate with airport personnel in Danish can help you ensure your safety, especially when navigating the airport, going through security checks, and boarding flights.
I’d like to book a flight to Athens.
Is it a direct flight?
A window seat, non-smoking, please.
I would like to confirm my reservation.
I would like to cancel my reservation.
I would like to change my reservation.
When is the next flight to Rome?
Are there two seats available?
No, we have only one seat available.
When do we land?
When will we be there?
When does a bus go to the city centre / center (am.)?
Is that your suitcase?
Is that your bag?
Is that your luggage?
How much luggage can I take?
Twenty kilos.
What? Only twenty kilos?