Adjectives Phrases in Danish

Phrases (Adjectives 2) with sound

Learning adjective phrases in any language, including Danish, is important for several reasons.

Firstly, adjective phrases are essential for building descriptive sentences, which allow you to convey more information about the people, places, and things you are discussing. This can be especially important in communication contexts where you want to provide detailed descriptions, such as in writing, storytelling, or giving presentations.

I am wearing a blue dress.
I am wearing a red dress.
I am wearing a green dress.
I’m buying a black bag.
I’m buying a brown bag.
I’m buying a white bag.
I need a new car.
I need a fast car.
I need a comfortable car.
An old lady lives at the top.
A fat lady lives at the top.
A curious lady lives below.
Our guests were nice people.
Our guests were polite people.
Our guests were interesting people.
I have lovely children.
But the neighbours have naughty children.
Are your children well behaved?