phrases you use in route in Danish

Phrases you use (En route)

Learning phrases used in routes and directions in Danish is valuable for several reasons:

  1. Navigation: Knowing route and direction phrases in Danish allows you to navigate efficiently when traveling in Danish-speaking countries like Denmark. You can ask for directions, understand signage, and communicate with locals to find your way around.
  2. Transportation: When using public transportation systems, such as buses, trains, or trams in Danish-speaking areas, knowing route phrases enables you to inquire about routes, stops, and schedules. It helps you plan your journey and ensures you reach your destination smoothly.
English Danish
Excuse me, where is…? Undskyld, hvor er…?
How do I get to…? [responsivevoice voice="Swedish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Hvordan kommer jeg til…?
Can you show me on the map? Kan du vise mig på kortet?
Is it far from here? Er det langt herfra?
Which way should I go? Hvilken vej skal jeg gå?
Turn left/right Drej til venstre/højre
Go straight ahead Fortsæt ligeud
It’s on the left/right Det er til venstre/højre
At the intersection Ved krydset
Is it within walking distance? Er det inden for gåafstand?
How long does it take to get there? Hvor lang tid tager det at komme derhen?
Can you repeat that, please? Kan du gentage det, tak?
Excuse me, I’m lost Undskyld, jeg har mistet mig
Where is the nearest…? Hvor er nærmeste…?
Can you help me find my way? Kan du hjælpe mig med at finde vej?
I’m looking for… Jeg leder efter…
Is this the right way to…? Er dette den rigtige vej til…?
Do I need to take a bus/train? Skal jeg tage en bus/tog?
Is there a shortcut? Er der en genvej?
Thank you for your help Tak for hjælpen