past tense in Danish

Phrases used in the (Past tense 2)

Learning past tense in Danish is crucial for effective communication and to express events that have happened in the past. Without a knowledge of the past tense, it would be difficult to describe what has happened in the past or to understand what someone else is saying about events that have already taken place.

Did you have to call an ambulance?
Did you have to call the doctor?
Did you have to call the police?
Do you have the telephone number? I had it just now.
Do you have the address? I had it just now.
Do you have the city map? I had it just now.
Did he come on time? He could not come on time.
Did he find the way? He could not find the way.
Did he understand you? He could not understand me.
Why could you not come on time?
Why could you not find the way?
Why could you not understand him?
I could not come on time because there were no buses.
I could not find the way because I had no city map.
I could not understand him because the music was so loud.
I had to take a taxi.
I had to buy a city map.
I had to switch off the radio.