The time phrases in Danish

phrases (The time) with audio

Learning about time phrases in Danish is important for several reasons:

  1. Effective communication: Time phrases are an essential part of communication in any language, and knowing them in Danish will help you express yourself accurately and effectively when discussing time-related topics.
  2. Understanding written material: When reading Danish texts, you will come across many time phrases. Being familiar with these phrases will help you comprehend the text more easily and quickly.

Overall, learning about time phrases in Danish is an essential part of language learning, and it will help you communicate effectively, understand written material, gain cultural knowledge, and improve your language proficiency.

Danish English
I morgen Tomorrow
[responsivevoice voice="Danish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]I overmorgen The day after tomorrow
I går Yesterday
For to dage siden Two days ago
Om ugen In a week
Om to uger In two weeks
Sidste uge Last week
Næste uge Next week
I dag Today
Denne uge This week
I aften Tonight
I nat Tonight (referring to the night)
Om morgenen In the morning
Om eftermiddagen In the afternoon
Om aftenen In the evening
Om natten At night
Snart Soon
Lige nu Right now
Altid Always
Aldrig Never