restaurant phrases in Danish

Phrases (At the restaurant 1)

There are several reasons why you might want to learn restaurant phrases in Danish, including:

  1. Travel: If you are planning to visit Denmark, knowing some basic restaurant phrases in Danish can help you communicate with restaurant staff and make the most of your dining experience.
  2. Cultural immersion: Learning restaurant phrases in Danish can help you better understand Danish culture and customs related to dining.
Danish Phrase English Translation
Velkommen til restauranten Welcome to the restaurant
[responsivevoice voice="Danish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Hvad vil du gerne bestille? What would you like to order?
Kan vi tage din jakke? Can we take your jacket?
Har I et bord til to? Do you have a table for two?
Kan jeg se menuen, tak? Can I see the menu, please?
Hvad kan du anbefale? What do you recommend?
Jeg vil gerne have vand, tak I’d like water, please
Kan jeg få regningen, tak? Can I have the bill, please?
Er der en dresscode? Is there a dress code?
Hvad er dagens ret? What is the dish of the day?
Må jeg bede om salt/peber? Can I have some salt/pepper, please?
Kan jeg få en serviet, tak? Can I have a napkin, please?
Hvad er prisen på denne ret? What is the price of this dish?
Kan jeg få en kop kaffe? Can I have a cup of coffee, please?
Er der nogen allergener i retten? Are there any allergens in the dish?
Tak for mad Thank you for the food
Kan jeg bestille mere vin? Can I order more wine?
Jeg vil gerne have en forret I’d like to have a starter
Må jeg bede om en doggy bag? Can I have a doggy bag, please?
Kan vi få regningen, tak? Can we have the bill, please?