post office phrases in Danish

Learn Danish - Phrases You Use (At the post office)

Learning post office phrases in Danish can be important if you plan to use the postal service in Denmark, either for sending or receiving mail. By learning these phrases, you can communicate more effectively with postal workers, and ensure that your mail is sent or received correctly.

Here are some examples of post office phrases in Danish that you may find useful:

Where is the nearest post office?
Is the post office far from here?
Where is the nearest mail box?
I need a couple of stamps.
For a card and a letter.
How much is the postage to America?
How heavy is the package?
Can I send it by air mail?
How long will it take to get there?
Where can I make a call?
Where is the nearest telephone booth?
Do you have calling cards?
Do you have a telephone directory?
Do you know the area code for Austria?
One moment, I’ll look it up.
The line is always busy.
Which number did you dial?
You have to dial a zero first!