Phrases used at school in Danish

Phrases used by (At school)

Learning phrases used at school in Danish is important for several reasons:

  1. Education: If you plan to study in Denmark or attend a Danish-speaking school, you will need to know the phrases used at school in Danish. It will help you communicate with teachers, classmates, and staff, and navigate the educational system more effectively.
  2. Career opportunities: Knowing the phrases used at school in Danish can be an asset in many careers, especially those that involve education or working with children.
  3. Cultural knowledge: Learning phrases used at school in Danish can also give you insights into the Danish education system and how it compares to other systems around the world.
Danish English
Hej, hvordan går det? Hi, how are you doing?
[responsivevoice voice="Danish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Velkommen tilbage! Welcome back!
Hvad skal vi lave i dag? What are we going to do today?
Kan jeg låne en blyant? Can I borrow a pencil?
Må jeg gå på toilettet? Can I go to the bathroom?
Kan du hjælpe mig? Can you help me?
Jeg forstår ikke. I don’t understand.
Hvad betyder det? What does that mean?
Hvad er lektierne for i dag? What are the homework assignments for today?
Hvornår skal vi aflevere opgaven? When do we need to hand in the assignment?
Godt arbejde! Good job!
Har du spørgsmål? Do you have any questions?
Hvad er reglerne for eksamen? What are the rules for the exam?
Jeg er syg og kan ikke komme i dag. I am sick and can’t come today.
Må jeg låne din notesbog? Can I borrow your notebook?
Skal vi arbejde alene eller i grupper? Are we working alone or in groups?
Kan du gentage det, du sagde? Can you repeat what you said?
Vi skal tage en test i morgen. We have a test tomorrow.
Jeg vil gerne tale med dig efter timen. I would like to talk to you after class.
Jeg har brug for mere tid til at aflevere opgaven. I need more time to hand in the assignment.